Make sure Young People are heard!

Leaders are invited to collect some information from their Young People to help shape Norfolk’s future.

Hello Section Leaders

Over the next few months my team will be pulling together our County Strategic Plan which we will use to help us to guide the development of Scouting locally of the next few years.

It will help us to shape the support that is available and help to make decisions in a joined-up way that best meet the interests of our Young People and help you as leaders to provide great programmes

It’s important that we get information from everyone involved in Scouting to find out what is important to people, what is special about Scouting and how we can change if it is needed.

Your help by completing the task in these packs with your Young People will really help a long way to building a picture of Norfolk Scouting today.

Please ensure that your collated information is returned by 1 October 2017. If you have any questions please contact Jane Warden, Deputy County Commissioner Programme or Dom Belcher, County Youth Commissioner.



Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner (Norfolk)


Support Packs: